Laus Modern is a professional furniture company based in Bursa, Turkey. By creating a successful trading chain based on context and research, we serve to add value to the brands / retailers.

Laus always provide a diverse and balanced amount of goods created with quality, solid solutions that meet the customer's needs and expectations and works as intended.

Each order is the beginning of a new production process.

Upon ordering, pattern, fabric and colors are confirmed and pre-production process starts.

Non-approval products are repaired, if suitable. Otherwise, they are produced again.

After the production phase is completed, our experts check the products at the quality control stage, according to quality control check list.

After quality control stage, products are labeled due to the customs and trade standards of the importer country.

At the end of this regular workflow, the product will be delivered on the specified day. After successfully completion of the delivery, customer send us their feedbacks.

According to feedbacks, we delevop our production stage.